Mind Body Spirit Long Island's Stress Management & Health Expo

Mind Body Spirit Long Island's Stress Management & Health Expo
Cynthia Shankman Aromatherapist
Cynthia Shankman AromatherapistCynthia Shankman AromatherapistCynthia Shankman Aromatherapist
Cynthia Shankman Aromatherapist
The Ghada Girls
The Ghada Girls are a Bellydance Suffolk County troupe located in Smithtown, NY. The Ghada Girls originated when K’mika and Azzarah met in a belly dance class over 12 years ago. They each expressed their love of dance by getting together and sharing their creativity into dance moves and fun combinations. Their passion for dance has transformed into a beautiful union known as the Ghada Girls belly dance troupe where together their admiration for the dance has flourished. The Ghada Girls troupe first came together in 2006. This passion has grew into the development of K’mika’s Belly Dance Instruction and Classes. The Ghada Girls perform at various venues, such as, charities, haflas, weddings, private parties, festivals, senior homes, and more. Their style is American Cabaret. They offer bellydance lessons in Smithtown, NY as well as UNIQUE OASIS HAREM kids parties bellydance style. Come join us! ghadagirls.com
Diana Ross - Certified & Registered Yoga Therapist
Diana is a Certified KaliRay TriYoga teacher of 18 years and has over 20,000+ teaching hours with1500+ hours of teacher training. Her credentials, certifications and experience has made her an expert in her field of study. She is the founder of Breast Cancer Yoga.

​The Herb Enthusiast
Diana is certified in the therapeutic use of medicinal plants, TCM and herbal medicine making for many years. Diana uses her therapeutic knowledge of botanical remedies with her family and students. It is acknowledged in the medical community that herbal remedies play a vital part in support of holistic healing for cancers. www.breastcanceryoga.com.
Mind Body Spirit Stress Management and Health Expo Long Island
Mind Body Spirit Long Island's Stress Management & Health Expo
Woman Stressed Out Mind Body Spirit Expo
Mind Body Spirit Long Island's Stress Management & Health Expo
Are you feeling overwhelmed, 
stressed-out, or anxious? 

Do you experience symptoms associated with high 
stress levels, including 
• weight gain 
• lack of concentration
• illness
• mild depression or fatigue? 
Stress takes away our 
ability to enjoy life 
or to feel good about who we 
are and what we do!

Come learn how to address the negative impact that stress is having on your life and 
regain your health, energy and clarity, and experience 
nourishment of your 
mind, body and spirit.

Learn from the professionals: 
What is stress? How do you respond to stress?
Signs and symptoms of 
stress overload. How much 
stress is too much? 
Causes of stress. Effects of chronic stress. Dealing with stress.

Put it to work for you! 
We will teach you:
Relaxation Skills 
learning to relax by controlling 
the body’s physiological
 functions and states. 
• Progressive Muscle 
• Deep Breathing • Meditation 
• Biofeedback

Wellness Behaviors
using exercise, diet and lifestyle 
to increase physical resilience 
to stress. Exercise 
• Recreation • Nutrition 
• Weight Control 
• Smoking Cessation

Organizational Skills 
organizing and prioritizing work 
and other responsibilities to minimize stress. 
• Time Management • Goal-setting 
• Prioritizing • Problem-solving 

Relationship Skills
building communication and 
social skills to minimize conflict 
and misunderstanding in relationships. 
• Assertiveness/Self-confidence 
• Listening • Networking 

  Health Perceptions 
developing and maintaining 
healthy and positive attitudes. 
• Hardiness • Faith/Acceptance 
• Self-talk • Imagery

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Join us for Long Island's ONLY 
Stress Management & Health Expo
July 24th, 2013 5:00-9:00pm
at Carlyle On The Green 
Bethpage State Park Farmingdale, NY 11735
Mental Health & Wellness Expert Marianne P. LiBretto, B.S., M.A., L.M.H.C.
Women’s Health & Wellness Expert Neeta Minal Shah MD, FACP
Spiritual & Energy Master Michele Curcio
Martial Arts Instructor Soke Joseph Droual
Presentation Panel Below
Over 60+ Exhibitors and Vendors Include:
• Holistic Health • Personal Growth • Natural Weight Loss • Nutrition • Hot Yoga 
• Massage • Spirituality • Meditation • Psychics • Reiki & Tai Chi • Aromatherapy
Special guest performances by The Ghada Girls
plus demonstrations, workshops, lectures and more!
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Psychic Medium and Spiritual Advisor Janet Russell
Special Guest Presenters Include YOGA THERAPIST
Diana Ross  E-RYT 500 CYT Founder of  Breast Cancer Yoga
Diana Ross 
Founder of 
Breast Cancer Yoga
Breast Cancer Yoga
Demonstrations & Presentations by:
• Neeta Minal Shah MD, FACP
Women's Health & Wellness Expert
 • Marianne LiBretto B.S., M.A., L.M.H.C
Mental Health & Wellness Expert
• Michele Curcio
Energy Therapy & Reiki Practitioner 
• Soke Joseph Droual 
NY Martial Artist & Master of Tai Chi Chuan
• Janet Russell
Psychic/Medium/Spiritual Advisor
 • Diana Ross E-RYT 500 CYT 
Founder of Breast Cancer Yoga
 • Kelli Roberts
Vegan Chef & Health Nutrition Counselor 
 • Cynthia Shankman
With Special Guest Performers:
Cynthia Shankman Aromatherapist
The Ghada Girls 
K’mika and Azzarah
Special Guest Presenters Include VEGAN CHEF
Kelli Roberts Vegan Chef
Kelli Roberts
Vegan Chef
Kelli Roberts - Kellisvegankitchen.com
Kelli Roberts is a skilled Vegan Chef with a plant-based diet certificate from Cornell University, and is a certified health & nutrition counselor from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has been vegetarian for nearly 20 years and vegan for 11, and is a Level 3-certified TriYoga teacher. Kelli teaches vegan cooking classes and programs to transition to a plant-based diet (online and in person), leads vegan yoga retreats, and offers individualized nutrition and lifestyle counseling. kellisvegankitchen.com 
Special Guest Presenters Include AROMATHERAPIST
Cynthia Shankman Aromatherapist
Cynthia Shankman
Cynthia Shankman - cynthia.organicsparkle@gmail.com
Cynthia Shankman has been using Essential Oils as her primary source of wellness for 10 years. She loves educating on the healing power, life force, and vibrancy that essential oils bring to everybody. Cynthia recovered from acute heavy metal poisoning after having 13 amalgam fillings removed from her teeth. She continued to recover her health by initiating lifestyle changes such as real food, exercise, cleansing her body, and using Essential Oils for all skin, body, and health care needs. Cynthia is a true believer in growing younger each year and fully intends to share her knowledge and passion with other seekers. Cynthia intends to be hiking trails at the age 100++ as a Total Lover of Life. Cynthia is available for Young Living Oil consultations. She assists and directs clients to the best and most proper use of pure therapeutic grade essential oils for health, wellness and beauty. You can contact her by phone at 631-241-1496 or by email at cynthia.organicsparkle@gmail.com
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Cynthia Shankman Aromatherapist
Donna Martini is a longtime student and researcher of traditional and alternative medical practices. Focusing on how food and the environment affect our bodies and emotions, she successfully healed herself of many debilitating symptoms, learning disabilities and chronic disorders. It was her divorce, however, that prompted the greatest healing, when she uncovered the mysteries of energy exchange and starting using a process she later named Positive Manipulation™. When others began to ask for help, her coaching and writing careers emerged. As a Wellness Advocate and Activist, she works tirelessly with schools, not-for-profits, businesses and government agencies, writing and implementing wellness programs that promote and teach healthy lifestyle practices. donnamartini.com
Master of Ceremonies, Donna Martini
Lead Ambassador of Wellness at Large at Nassau County
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Mind Body Spirit Stress Management & Health Expo Long Island
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Join us the
2nd Annual
Long Island's ONLY
Stress Management 
& Health Expo
July 2014
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